School Trips to Belgium

Visit medieval towns, historic Brussels and World War I Battlefields on your next school trip to Belgium. Belgium is steeped in war history, rich in fine foods and chocolate and is the perfect destination for students to dive into history without travelling too far from the UK.

A great getaway that's so close to home

For a country relatively small in area a school tour of Belgium can pack in a remarkable amount of varied and exciting visits and excursions for any educational subject. Miraculously, considering the number of wars and conflicts that have occurred here, the main cities have retained their medieval charm and atmosphere.

Granted, the Grand Place in Brussels for example was rebuilt in the 19th century but very sympathetically and it retains the grandeur that is also found in Antwerp, Gent and of course, Bruges. Combine this with Belgium's importance in the modern European political landscape and there is a excellent cross-curriculum breadth of subjects to engage students on tour.

And not forgetting the food! Fine chocolates and waffles will tantalise the sweet tooth but don't forget that Belgians actually invented the French Fry!

The majority of trips we send to Belgium are concerned with study of the World Wars, the country suffered greatly in these conflicts and visits to Ypres and Mons combined with the numerous key strategic battlefield sites just over the border in France gives students a real and vivid understanding of the horrors experienced.

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Belgium school tours

Belgium school tour

From Ypres WW1 Battlefields to Brussels & the Euro Space...

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Science, modern history and politics

There is an interesting contrast between the historical and the modern across the country which is personified in Brussels role at the heart of the European Union. With over 30,000 civil servants working for the EU in Brussels alone, a school trip focused on world affairs, politics or economics will re-enforce the modern outlook of Belgium today.

Buildings such as the Atomium, built for the 1958 World Fair testify to the country's forward thinking approach, it's design is very impressive reaching 102m in height and represents an iron atom magnified 165 billion times.

A school history tour to Belgium will deliver a large number of important sites, from the memorial at Waterloo commemorating the final defeat of Napoleon at the hands of the Duke of Wellington, through to the Menin Gate, Ypres and Mons, all sobering reminders of the conflicts of the 20th century, students and teachers will gain a real sense of the significance of Belgium as a historical and strategic territory.

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"We had an absolutely ace time! The best ever! the whole team did such a great job working with our pupils. Definitely coming back. It's a thumbs up from us!"

Alex Jappy, Bridge of Don Academy

Cross Curriculum options abound in Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

History or politics could easily be the focus of your tour but equally, Art or Science might constitute a good proportion of your itinerary. The Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts in Brussels is regarded as the country’s best gallery and the Musée Hergé in Louvain-la-Neuve celebrates the life and works of the famous creator of Tintin.

The Euro Space Centre is an excellent educational tourist attraction devoted to space and astronautics. Whatever your objectives, Belgium offers a fantastic variety of content and you can be there within a few hours from departing the UK...get in touch with our team today to discuss a bespoke agenda for your school group.

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“Education is sown in children but must be cultivated all life long.”

Paul Carvel, Belgian Writer

“Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see.”

Rene Magritte, Belgian artist

“Since my youth geography has been for me the primary object of study. When I was engaged in it, I liked not only the description of the earth, but also the machinery of the world, whose numerous elements are not known by anyone to date.”

Gerardus Mercator, Map pioneer, 1578

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