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Traditionally the most popular second language in the curriculum, French focused school tours have become almost a rite of passage for senior students…Voyager School Travel has been specialising in these tours since the company was founded.

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Language Trips to the Opal Coast

Moulin aux Draps is the latest Voyager owned and run...

The Opal Coast school tour

Experience French culture with a wide choice of cross-curriculum excursions....

Château de la Baudonnière

Get immersed in French language at our company owned...

Paris Parle

French language immersion trips, led by a fully qualified Animateur...

Essential exam preparation

Discover our intensive French language trips for sixth-form students. Our...

D-Day Normandy language trips

Incorporating history & language learning for all school ages, experience...

La Grand' Ferme

Build language confidence in a fun and supportive environment with...

Cross 'La Manche' and get your students talking

How do we get your pupils using, speaking and understanding French on a school trip? Central to our 'Parle' MFL programmes are our team of native-speaking 'animateurs' who will be based with your group throughout your stay and offer second-to-none immersive MFL learning. This dedicated and specially-trained team speak in French with your students throughout their stay and encourage interactive responses at all times.

We have recently purchased a new hotel, the Moulin aux Draps on the Opal Coast and we also own two further properties, the Château de la Baudonnière and La Grand' Ferme in Normandy. These trips to these French destinations really are truly immersive, giving each student memories and associations with the language they've learnt and embedding the French language for future use.

We also operate a 'Voyager Interaction' programme which pairs UK schools with suitable French schools, giving pupils time in France with French students to improve their language skills among children of the same age.

Our Paris Parle and Exam Preparation tours are equally as popular for older students, Paris offering a bigger arena for more sophisticated language use and a thoroughly cosmopolitan experience. Sixth-form students can join us on the exam preparation school trip to Paris which is designed specifically to prepare students for their French oral exam. Appelez-nous aujourd'hui!

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Our Animateurs

Time and time again Party Leaders feedback to us the huge difference to the learning experience made by our animateurs. Their express purpose is to get students to engage with the language at every opportunity, whilst not putting undue pressure on students. They make experiences memorable and fun and as a result, fears of making mistakes are reduced and confidence increased. 

Watch our video about our native French animateurs.


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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking landscapes but in having new eyes”

Marcel Proust

“To have another language is to possess a second soul”


“Le monde est un livre dont chaque pas nous ouvre une page = The world is a book...with each step we open a page”

Alphonse de Lamartine

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