Our new MFL brochure has landed!

Our new modern foreign languages brochure has landed. Have you taken a look yet?

Modern foreign languages school trip brochure

Full of exciting and engaging language immersion programmes, you don't want to miss out on the solutions Voyager School Travel can provide for your school.

France, Spain and Germany

Discover our tried and tested programmes across France, Spain and Germany. From our very own accommodation centres in France to our exclusive partnerships with centres in Spain and Germany, there is plenty on offer to compliment your school French, Spanish or German language curriculum.

Why we're the language immersion leaders

We believe that the only way to truly learn a language is to live it! That is why we have created our school language immersion programmes with teams of native speaking staff, our "Animateurs", who are invaluable in teaching your students to speak any language in situ. We also orchestrate French interaction visits, where your school will be partnered with a French school - and the communication continues long after your trip!

Did you know... we can also bring the language immersion to you! Find out how and browse our brochure now.

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