Be 'That' Teacher

Be ‘that’ teacher that excites and inspires.

Teacher, leader, crowd control, shrink, confidente, clown, friend, hero...

Be 'That' Teacher!

Or all of the above? 

How would you define your role as a teacher in the 21st century? The complexities and demands of the modern profession are ever changing and subsequently every teacher needs to wear many 'hats', both in and outside of the classroom.

One thing that remains a constant however is the ultimate goal, and ultimate see children evolve and grow into happy and confident young adults.

At Voyager we actively encourage all our teachers travelling with us to #BeThatTeacher - to be the one… to be the one that students always remember – and of course, for all the right reasons! Opportunities to influence outside of the classroom are increasingly recognised to have a more profound long-term effect on young minds and it's in these memories and learnings that real value lies.

Are you ready to be 'That' Teacher?

Teachers are heroes

Be 'That' Teacher!

Not only are teacher’s huge influencers - in many cases they are heroes! A role model, someone they respect and aspire to be. It’s a big responsibility, yes!?

If you look to step outside of your comfort zone you can be that hero –and be ‘that’ teacher.

How to impress your students
Do something outside of the ordinary, show them you’re not just all about textbooks and lectures – show them another side of you that they can relate to and look up to.

Our adventure school trips are a perfect way to prove to your students (and yourself) that you can be ‘that’ teacher.

You should also consider our educational and language school trips, we specialise in many subjects and take school all over the world.

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Learning outside the classroom, the facts

Be 'That' Teacher!

School trips and in particular, learning outside the classroom should be viewed as a powerful and positive teaching tool that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of students. Extra stimulation in new environments can be particularly beneficial for getting students excited about Sciences for example.

School trips provide students with the opportunity to enjoy learning outside of the classroom and research has shown that:

  • Expose students to new experiences and you will increase interest and engagement in Science regardless of prior interest in a topic (Kisiel, 2005; Bonderup Dohn, 2011),
  • They also result in affective gains such as more positive feelings toward a topic (Csikszentmihalyi & Hermanson, 1995; Nadelson & Jordan, 2012).

We’ll be providing you with many opportunities to become ‘that’ teacher over the next few months – look out for our photos on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages. If you feel you already qualify - please tag your photos with #BeThatTeacher and we'll post them on our pages!

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“You’re that teacher, the one who talks to us like we’re adults - the one who always helps us no matter what. You’re the teacher who makes us feel good about ourselves for things that other people don’t even notice. And that’s why you’re the teacher we’ll remember for the rest of lives.”

Alphie Wickers’ students describe how they feel about him.
Bad Education, BBC 3

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